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Decorative Container with Cycad and Succulents.
Decorative Planter

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Decorative Planter with Cycad and Succulents
  This is a nice decorative planter that is easy to put together, and very low maintenance.  First chose a nice glazed bowl, one that works best for your situation.  Next is the fun part, choosing the plants. The plants we chose are, a 6" Zamia furfuracea, several different succulents, and sedum ground cover.  We also picked out a nice piece of driftwood for accent. 
  First fill the container with a well draining soil mix. Next position the focal point plant (Zamia).  It is positioned off-center to the back of the planter.  It is also positioned higher than level, on a mound of soil.  Than place the succulents and driftwood in a pleasing arrangement.  The sedum groundcover is planted in  two areas where it will eventually hang over the edge of the pot.  The final touch is a top dressing of gravel to keep the soil in place and finish off the planter with a nice clean look.  This planter will grow in full sun to part shade.  Depending on your conditions you may water once or twice a week.  Fertilize every two weeks with a water soluble plant food.  
  We will be posting a video soon on the making of this planter, so check back!