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Encephalartos latifrons
Encephalartos latifrons
Encephalartos latifrons in the landscape
Encephalartos latifrons large specimen
Encephalartos latfrons in botanic garden
Young plant, with new flush of leaves emerging
Beautiful garden specimen
Typical overlap of leaflets
Beautiful leaf arrangement 
Just a stunning plant!
Beautiful arching leaves
Male cone
  Encephalartos latifrons is arguably one of the most stunning of all cycad species. This species originates from South Africa, the Eastern Cape area. The trunk can attain height of about 10 feet, however this will take many years!  Encephalartos latifrons is a sought after species by collectors.  Unfortunately this has led to near extinction of this wonderful plant in the wild.  Encephalartos leaflets are distinctively wide with deep lobes on the margins. They also overlap each other very tightly. The overall leafs re curve, which gives the plant a graceful stately appearance. Encephalartos latifrons is very rare in cultivation, and when available, very expensive. Its slow growth and rare coning also add to a limited number of cultivated plants on the market.
  Encephalartos latifrons is a very slow growing species, putting out new leaves every two to three years. Plant in full sun. Soil should be well draining as with all cycads.  Avoid cold temperature below freezing if possible,however plants can tolerate temps below freezing for short periods of time. Plants cone when they reach mature age. This may take 15 to 20 years from seed!  Fertilize with an all purpose food which contains all micro nutrients. Well worth growing as long as you have patience!