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Creating a Succulent Bonsai Scene
  In this feature we will demonstrate how to create a succulent bonsai scene.  For this project we used Euphorbia bupleurifolia as our main focal point.  We chose three plants, one specimen and two smaller plants.  The other species was Euphorbia meloformis, which two plants were chosen. Other materials used where travertine rocks, drift wood, and small river rock.  This is a fun project that will challenge your creativity and reward you with a wonderful miniature landscape. This planter will grow best in partial sun. Use the steps below as a guideline, and apply your own creative ideas to make it your own!
Step one: Choose your container. We chose a shallow bonsai dish.  We used old window screening material to cover the drainage holes.
Step two:  Next fill the container with your soil mix.  As you can see we used a well draining mix. Mound the soil to avoid a "flat look".
Step three: Now gather your rocks.  We always pick out more than we will use. This gives us many shapes and sizes to chose from.
Step four: First position your focal point plant. We positioned ours slightly of center. Next we started positioning rocks. This was just a trial run to get a feel for the overall look.
Step five: Here we have added the remaining plants and rocks.  We have chosen five total plants. Odd numbers work better in overall look.
Step six:  Now take a rock that has little "character" and break it up into small pieces. Make sure you use safety glasses for eye protection! 
Step seven:  Now add the crushed rock.
Step eight:  We now add three piece of drift wood to "break up" the rock, and small, smooth river rock. This was done to achieve more contrast with the various materials.
Finished Scene!